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Riverside Hotel Beijing is located in the beautiful Park Expo Park in the south of Beijing, next to the Metro Park Expo Station.

Riverside Hotel Beijing's rooms are all equipped with high-speed broadband Internet access, 24-hour room service, meal service, and luxurious room amenities, so you can enjoy a comfortable and distinguished experience.

The hotel has 2 restaurants and a lobby bar, which can provide guests with exquisite and delicious Chinese and Western food, as well as a variety of refreshing drinks. The hotel also has a fitness center that provides a full range of well-equipped fitness equipment. The 4200 square meter conference facility includes a center circle and 12 multifunctional halls and conference rooms with different functions. The center circle area is 4200 square meters and can accommodate various events from 500 to 2500 people. It is used for corporate meetings and large wedding banquets. Great choice.

Riverside Hotel Beijing also has 10,000 acres of gardens at the same time, so that you can stay away from the 'smog' and enjoy a green and healthy life.
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  • DragonRyu
    Good good
  • sapdugang
    Surrounding environment, basic services do not feel
  • e00148035
    What exactly I am sorry this level of hotel service quality is very bad has never seen such a bad hotel service I hope you don't live here not happy will only give their heart clogging bad
  • ouyang88
    That's good
  • c399699114
    Environmental equipment is good, is the service simply cannot compliment from the opening didn't improve I am drunk right now
  • nici7899126
    Well, take a walk after dinner, there
  • jieluo7813
    Close to the new exhibition, in fact, is still quite far. hotel is not zeyang.
  • lennyxiang
    A bit far from the town but the environment is very good
  • jjeeffyy
    All are particularly good, the environment is also good, good place for vacation
  • lejasmin
    Front desk service was very good, very intimate.
  • sammi2277
    Hotel is great, the rooms are big enough. location is rather remote, near the business district, in addition to the hotel's own restaurant, no place to eat outside.
  • mosuina
    OK hotel not big breakfast not much taste around to eat less ... Ordering at the hotel in the evening. leaves not washing ... Muddy ... After the reaction can be dealt with in a timely manner. big bonus points only to the Hotel Manager! Hope that hotel staff can work more carefully! should at least own the hotel's star ... Such mistakes should not happen!
  • crown8848
    Environment is great, in Exposition Park. There are wedding lawn. is the holiday meals, robbed. people do.
  • mucelery
    That's good
  • claireliu71
    Hotel is small, convenient parking, visiting the garden with a choice. is one thing, Beijing city-wide smoking ban, the hotel does not provide a match, some of the rigid, matches are not necessarily used to smoke it.
  • evapool1979
    Good! good service thank you!
  • bearing110
    Hotel is actually pretty good, price is a bit expensive
  • cxy71168671
    Okay, breakfast, others can also.
  • bluestarsyy
    Pretty good, nice and clean
  • triper123
    1. hardware: big room, lighting is very good, Bumblebee in the lobby, lobby spacious and comfortable furnished. the restaurant is small, estimated that the overall planning of the hotel's capacity would be small. no swimming pool, Spa and five star standard. 2. environment. Fountain of garages, garden is small but exquisite. Hotel inside the garden, is going to the area through a large square, a little sun. 3. Services. basic services are very good, attitude and level of business can be.Part restaurant small waiter modifications sex enough, on customer of some requirements cannot timely reaction, need Manager to processing. but attitude also is can of. restaurant chef not is good, Chinese Office dish do have general like, distribution Shang relative your some of price on is price not high. cafeteria also can, but seafood on Shang once on no longer has has. barbecue of lamb is frozen has is long of unpalatable, barbecue of shrimp also bad. we this to met has a what forces in there dinner, basicDelicious is to sweep them empty, it can't fix. beginning 6 we're going to eat, or be stopped says full so we 7:30 come again, then we ate, had nothing left in the 7:30 restaurant, if you listen to their advice 7:30 to eat don't have anything to eat. Overall evaluation: the hotel is near from the town, don't need cars for a long time, but also in the garden, children or parents to play if the weekend is good., you can avoid the hottest midday, Morning and evening stroll garden. nothing to eat in the vicinity of hotel buffet was expensive to order no food. in the garden is a comfortable rest area.
  • saramm
    Help a friend pending, says is new, cool,
  • e01490429
    Good environment, good service, warm, but no car travel inconvenient.
  • e00510673
    Very well, Mr Tang Jiating reception was very helpful in the entrance lobby, because no persons to talk to me, no one gave me, he offered to come and help me find someone to arrange, very warm, awareness is also very good. the real five-star service. customers. come again.
  • erlin
    Closest to the Beijing Garden Hotel, it should be okay, help them set.
  • axius
    Environment is especially good, courteous, rooms very comfortable, large-
  • mana_jiang
    Hotel good hardware, environment, inside the garden, free shampoo is too hard to use, business center was closed in less than 7 o'clock, vending machines, also is not complete, finally had no choice but to make do with the free shampoo
  • xiibo
    Overall was OK. is around a little barren.
  • e00117427
    Hotels in Garden, belonging to the resort, but perhaps because usually fewer guests, too few facilities, standard of only two restaurants poor dishes even than stalls out. rooms, health details still need to be strengthened, the professionalism of the staff needs to be improved but the attitude is good.
  • liang009yu
    Is the garden around, and play is easy, running in the Park in the morning is very interesting
  • e03761070
    Good good good
  • jen590316
    Bathroom shower gel bottles out of sticky, a look that is used over and over again filling, but I never used the hotel's bath. This is not sanitary.
  • gogoii
    Hotel facilities are good, the environment that is not to say that! is remote communications
  • Billy Mr. Liu seven
    Overall hotel is good! recommended!
  • xujianying0425
    Very good
  • oytxp
    It wasn't too bad.
  • litelite
    Very good
  • pigdoris
    Overall good
  • adamliao
    Environment is good, location is also free in Garden
  • gaga123456
    Was good, hotel was good
  • dbtel1
    Service environment are good
  • Mrs Tang
    New hotel, good hardware, great, affordable, slightly remote location, suitable for appointment, hide the pure
  • libujuan
    Breakfast not good
  • D Da Guanren
    No hotel said in his garden, random walk, feeling great ... the only downside is the restaurant's food is awful, daughter of the Emperor does not worry about marrying, time, food tasting to eat, no other optional
  • astercen
    Location, very close to the airport and South Station is not. Environment can, in the garden, can visit free of charge. Service also very good enough is
  • jjreno913
    Which is very nice
  • feee2000
    Is a character from the garden near! to go to the garden to participate in an activity, so here is the best choice. the surrounding environment have no say, hotels like the Jianguo hotel brands, overall is good, is the perfect supporting facilities. it is no wonder that this hotel was originally built for the garden Expo,
  • e00015221
    So so
  • liangjiefeng
    Well, next time you stay, good service,
  • biyujun87
    Hotel garden, is the atmosphere. environment is very good, the service is also very good, we check in to eight in the morning. very good in the morning is very rich, not many guests but abundant. five-star standard. a little further from the urban areas, but I like quiet friend to go. we have the opportunity to live again, very pleasant stay.
  • lilu_2004
    Didn't stay, look good