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Art of Beijing guomao hotel 'encounter' series of the nature of art design exhibition

Date: 2018-04-26

"If life only such as first, the most beautiful world April day", the exhibition in Beijing international hotel "met art" series of the first subject, lead the public to meet art, feel the beauty of life and natural coordination.

April spring, all things recovery, nature has a jubilant.Beijing guomao hotel and the way of [natural] together in this warm and beautiful world to advocate the combination of art, fashion, environmental protection way of life, as more and more people the opportunity to understand art.The exhibition 80 layer in guomao hotel lounge and 80 respectively shangri-la CHI spa is the representative works of art on display, build the strong artistic atmosphere.During the exhibition, there are also many art design activities, guide you approached art, understand the artist's creation concept, experience how to find the good things in our daily life, art to integrate into life.

Beijing guomao hotel shangri-la spa is located in the international trade building 77 layers, and the 78th floor of the fitness center in Beijing's highest spa leisure place, let a guest while enjoying quiet at home, the city to enjoy the infinite beauty.Lounge is located in the international trade building, the 80 floor, overlooking the city, magnificent scenery.Not only can make the guests in the elegant atmosphere to enjoy all kinds of "sweet food", but also enjoy the leisure afternoon tea or easily ideal for business talks.

Life will be different to give everyone the details of the enlightenment.Oriental literati always like persistence and everyday items, accompanied by his them with other things, things happen in its own item.Time is long, one of these items will have the affection and love.They have a temperature, has become the memories of medium, express feelings spirit carrier.

Everyday items, can be the end-result of the emotional, this time should be irrigated nourish, however because of frequent instantaneous changes in modern life, has given us too many surprises and become numb.Life can be simple flat and plain, but when the humanities have the another meaning, is life, the key to wisdom.

[nature of art design exhibition] | 3 | back daily product realisation by the works of artists, designers, crafters, show their thinking of everyday things, so as to enlighten the creation, and mentor others.Different types of exhibits, common message "I left two, nature and tao" one thousand and philosophical wisdom.

Art of the future Beijing guomao hotel "encounter" series exhibition will bring different themes, attention please look!