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Interview: li d saide ashkandi Zhang Xijian, food and beverage director, general manager of the hotel

Date: 2014-04-29

On the talent and team management, Zhang Xijian will be a good team cooperation as a crab type theorem, he put the hotel management team described as a crab, the crab's eight grasp the corresponding to the eight departments of hotel eating crabs walk, cannot leave each claw to cooperate, so there's not a good hotel staff and enterprise team, like no claws of a crab, walking and eating into difficulties.

As her another feature of riverside hotel catering, li d saide the geographical disadvantage clever into advantage, and through the precision of the plan, put an end to waste to make cost control from the source.Li d riverside hotel resident manager and director of food and beverage ashkandi told reporters: food and beverage management is a kind of culture, with the progress of civilization era, many consumers to hotel is not just to eat dinner now, more is a kind of experience, has a kind of culture in the hotel.

Michael, we see your hotel is very distinctive in appearance design, can you share with us your hotel design features and meaning?

Zhang Xijian: li d riverside hotel is the ninth Beijing international indoor garden expo exhibition pavilions, because it is a garden fair, it like a budding flower blossom, jinzhong garden from us to our hotel tower of radiation is a flower, the significance of the theme of the expo garden, youth upward.

Web: what was the reason for the choice in the expo area park bowling?What is your customers positioning?

Zhang Xijian: in the last year during may to October 18, 18, the centre of our hotel is the indoor exhibition garden expo.We are do matching for it, not the hotel locate in the park expo garden, garden expo garden but do our hotel location.

Web: every year this exhibition?

Zhang Xijian: no, this is this year.The ninth in our Beijing, is sponsored by the ministry in Beijing and the Beijing municipal government, fengtai district government to undertake.This session of the end of the garden expo garden becomes a lasting garden expo garden park.